I have been a resident of Windsor for the last 12 years and consider Jane to be a good friend and a “go to” person when there are issues in our town as well as across the state.


Though I moved quite often for work in and out of state, and grew up in Branford, Windsor is by far the most family oriented and caring town I have lived in. This is so evident in people like Jane who are honest, sincere and willing to work tirelessly for everyone.


Jane continues to provide helpful constructive suggestions for my non-profit, Voices Against Lyme Disease, in order to successfully provide awareness programs in Windsor and other towns. With Jane’s “on the porch conversations”, she spotlights local organizations and small businesses to help them network during this difficult and challenging time of COVID-19 and the economic issues we all face. In turn, these conversations are so important to her audience who will now have a better understanding of what Windsor and Windsor Locks have to offer.


Her knowledge of the legislature, the state house and the needs of her CT residents are her focus. She will fight for what is right. I have my unwavering confidence in Jane and know she is the best person as our State Rep.  Thank you.


Bonnie Waterhouse, Windsor

In 2020, such a divisive time, we need our legislators to be dedicated, honest, open-minded, and willing to cross the aisle. Working together, and having civil, thoughtful discussions on the very difficult and complex issues they must deal with on behalf of all of us is essential. Jane Garibay does that every day for the 60th district and we need to ensure that that continues. Her experience in the world of business, on the Board of Education, and her volunteer endeavors in many different capacities and causes give her an understanding of people from all walks of life and make her the ideal candidate to represent all the people of our district. She is a hard worker, listens to every constituent who contacts her, and takes action. We need her at the Capitol to make sure our voices are heard.  Re-elect Jane Garibay for House 60th district.

Paula Pierce, Windsor

I am asking you to vote Jane Garibay for the 60th District of the CT General Assembly. Jane is a problem solver, and a great listener. She will listen and work to solve the problems of the District. When you call Jane for help, I know she will respond and do whatever she can to help you. Jane has a history of getting the job done.


I was worried when I found out that Jane had Covid-19 but she is a fighter and she prevailed.  Now she is fighting for her constituents, as she knows what it is like to deal with this disease. She also has expertise to help them through the maze of services they need such as unemployment benefits, workplace safety, loans and resources for small business, and help for people struggling with depression and mental health problems.


Remember Jane has been there, she understands and will work to help you.


Please vote for Jane, I know that she will listen. She understands what we are going through as a community and will make sure that we emerge stronger than ever.


Peggy Sayers, Windsor Locks

I am writing to express my strong support for the re-election of State Representative Jane Garibay for the 60th Assembly District. As a retired educator and longtime Connecticut Education Association member with over 30 years of service, I want a candidate who fights for students, their families and teachers. Jane has proven, again and again, to be that person.


Jane’s Co-Sponsorship and votes, on the passage of bills SB 1-Paid Family Medical Leave and HB 5004-Increasing the Minimum Wage ($15 an hour by 2023), will have a direct and positive impact on everyone in our community, especially our children.


A founding member of the Windsor Education Foundation, she continues to volunteer as a Board Member, demonstrating her continued support for education. Her collaboration with WEF, community members and businesses, has secured over $140,000 in grant funds for special projects proposed by teachers in the Windsor School System. These projects have supported STEM, the arts, humanities, trade education, athletics, community service, social programs and more.


As past President of the Windsor Board of Education and The Windsor Chamber of Commerce, Jane knows how to form partnerships between schools and the business community that benefit our students. Programs like Business Fueling Minds and Back Packs for Kids are perfect examples of the creative solutions she’s developed that continue on, because they truly meet the needs of our community’s children.


Jane Garibay has all of the qualities I want in a state Representative; she’s tireless, caring, creative and dedicated to service.  She listens to her constituents, has great integrity and is willing to take fearless action on behalf of others. Please join me in voting for her in November!

Lisa Rampulla Bress


Lisa Bress, Windsor

Jane is great at any project she decides to work on. I’ve been on several boards with her, and she always has very powerful insights into working with people, moral dilemmas, working with volunteers, etc. There aren’t many people that are as good at making things happen as her…truly one in a million.

John Waiveris, Invisible Gold LLC.