I am asking you to vote Jane Garibay for the 60th District of the CT General Assembly. Jane is a problem solver, and a great listener. She will listen and work to solve the problems of the District. When you call Jane for help, I know she will respond and do whatever she can to help you. Jane has a history of getting the job done.


I was worried when I found out that Jane had Covid-19 but she is a fighter and she prevailed.  Now she is fighting for her constituents, as she knows what it is like to deal with this disease. She also has expertise to help them through the maze of services they need such as unemployment benefits, workplace safety, loans and resources for small business, and help for people struggling with depression and mental health problems.


Remember Jane has been there, she understands and will work to help you.


Please vote for Jane, I know that she will listen. She understands what we are going through as a community and will make sure that we emerge stronger than ever.