I have known Jane Garibay for years through my work at a local hotel in Windsor and the main thing that has stood out to me is her compassion when it comes to community involvement. Jane has a big heart and that really showed with her involvement in organizing the Nightmare on Broad Street and Project Santa events in Windsor. She has a tremendous empathetic streak that allows her to truly do what is best for the most vulnerable members of our community and successfully organize events that center those people. When I first heard that she was running for state representative I was ecstatic because I knew that our communities and our state needed a public servant like Jane. When the pandemic struck back in March, I, like many of you, was so scared about what would happen to our state and our country. However, there was a little part of me that always remained hopeful knowing that Jane was our state representative. The work that she has done for her entire life has set her up to be a fierce and successful advocate for our communities at the state level. This is such a difficult time but I have total faith that we are going to make it through stronger than ever because of the hard work that Jane has done and will continue to do for us. I ask you to please vote for my friend Jane Garibay this upcoming Tuesday. Together, we can do this!