I have the pleasure of knowing Jane Garibay for 34 years. You would be correct in saying, “that’s a long time,” but I had the advantage of being her son.


And with that advantage comes a lot of insight into knowing what makes her tick and how she works. Community and service has always been incredibly important to her: whether it was organizing local community events, fundraising for causes, or serving on the Board of Education, my mother prioritized people and doing right by them.


Nearly two years ago the residents of Windsor and Windsor Locks chose her to represent them and I watched as she knocked on doors to introduce herself, answered calls, responded to letters, and listened to the concerns of the community. Every cause she has pushed for and every vote she has made has been with an understanding of her responsibility to the people and with the intent of making the community stronger.


She has always spoken of what an honor it has been to serve and represent the residents of Windsor and Windsor Locks. It is my hope and wish that you will cast your vote in favor of her in November and give her the opportunity to serve once more.